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Meet deacon candidates: Ordination slated for May 3

Name: Dennis Brockhaus
Parish: Immaculate Conception, Sioux City
Family : Wife Liz Brockhaus; daughter Brandi Jessen her husband Barry and grandchildren Cayla, Bree, and Brock; son Kyle Brockhaus his wife Nykki and grandchildren Noah, and Jerzy.
Coke or Pepsi: Coke
Favorite pie: Strawberry
Most admired saint: St. Peter
As a permanent deacon, I hope to: Evangelize the adults and children of the universal church by leading them to God’s love and infinite mercy, helping them realize that a joyful life on earth is only possible through God’s grace. which one can get through the Eucharist.

Name:  LuVerne (Vern) Burke
Parish: St. Malachy, Madrid
Family: Wife Mindy; four children Jackelyn and Stephen Arico, Lynae and Jeremy Bethards, Aaron and Kate Burke, Simon and Nora Burke; nine grandchildren
Most admired saint: I claim St. Patrick and St. Malachy as my heritage, Carmelite saints as my spirituality and John Paul II as role model.
As a permanent deacon, I hope to: preach and live the Gospel, with charity.

Name: Robin (Rob) Claypool
Parish: St. Rose of Lima, Denison
Family: Wife Sharon; daughter Ellen; sons Ryan and Ben
Coke or Pepsi: Coke, hands down
Favorite pie: Cherry pie
Most admired saint: St. Thomas Aquinas
As a permanent deacon I hope to: Assist our priests, staff and congregation to the very best of my abilities. I thank Father Ed Murray for pointing me in this direction.

Name: C. Joseph (Joe) Coleman Jr.
Parish: Holy Trinity, Fort Dodge
Family: Wife Sharon (Sam); daughters Danielle Willenberg and Lori Bernard; sons Joey, Tommy,
Christopher, K.C. and Callaghan; nine grandchildren
Coke or Pepsi: Coke
Favorite pie: Apple
Most admired saint: St. Joseph and St. Francis Xavier
As a permanent deacon I hope to: Be to the best servant I can be, wherever placed.

Name: Paul Michael Gengler
Parish: St. James, Le Mars
Family: Wife Denise; children Sarah and Erica
Coke or Pepsi: Coke
Favorite pie: Banana cream
Most admired saint: Hard to pick one; I pray to all of them for different needs.
As a permanent deacon, I hope to: Bring God's love and saving grace to our parishioners, both those in the pews and those who are home-bound, in the nursing home or hospital.  

Name: Dan Goebel
Parish: St. Joseph, Granville.
Family: Wife: Jacki, three daughters: Trinity, Cadence and Aurora, plus two saints in heaven.
Coke or Pepsi: Don't drink a lot of pop.
Favorite pie: Any kind Mom makes with her homemade crust.
Most admired saint: Soon-to-be saint, Pope John Paul II. He was a wonderful example of suffering with dignity and I got to see him in Denver at WYD.
As a permanent deacon, I hope to: Give witness to the tremendous love and mercy God has shown in my life and let others know how much the Lord loves them.

Name: Thomas John Henrich
Parish: St Joseph, Le Mars
Family: Wife Cecilia; children Thomas, Michael, Mary and Sarah; daughter-in-law Stephanie – she and Thomas have our only grandchild Gianna.
Coke or Pepsi: Coke
Favorite pie: French silk
Most admired saint: Blessed Theresa of Calcutta
As a permanent deacon, I hope to: Serve the people of God in the Diocese of Sioux City through catechesis and evangelization in the faith.

Name: Kevin Poss
Parish: Nativity, Sioux City
Family: Wife Stormy; three children, Angie (Sam) Supple, Mandi (Kane) Kuehl, Brittany; six grandchildren who are so great we can”t wait to have more.
Coke or Pepsi: Coke
Most admired saint: Padre Pio
As a permanent deacon, I hope to: work with Father Steve McLoud to continue to make Nativity Parish a great, shining evangelical light so that it draws Catholics closer to God and non-Catholics are drawn like a moth to a flame.

Name:  Rick Rohr
Parish:  St. Mary, Storm Lake
Family: Wife Betty; childen, David, Danny, Sara, Matt; nine grandchildren
Coke or Pepsi: Either OK
Favorite pie: Pecan
Most admired saint: Matthew.
As a permanent deacon, I hope to: Serve the Lord and do his will. I hope to visit the sick and spend time with the homebound and nursing homes.

Name: Rick Salocker
Parish: Holy Trinity Parish, Fort Dodge
Family: Wife Mary; son John; daughters Natalie, Maric; five grandchildren
Coke or Pepsi: Diet Coke
Favorite pie: Apple, preferably with a scoop of vanilla ice cream
Most admired saint: St. Stephen
As a permanent deacon, I hope to: Touch the lives of as many people as I am capable of with the intent of helping them reconnect with their faith and Church.


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