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10-2-14: Suffering is conquered by love

9-18-14: Gremlins infiltrate funeral

9-4-14: Fire, smoke incidents burn in life

8-7-14: Reflections on what is the meaning in a name

7-24-14: For what do you hunger?

7-10-14: Blood, sweat and tears

6-26-14: Overcoming obstacles

6-12-14: Put on a happy face, make others smile

5-29-14: Suffering in silence

5-15-14: Humor can be a gift in midst of suffering

5-1-14: Erring on the side leniency

4-17-14: Is there a doctor in the house?

4-3-14: Beware the snake

3-20-14: Buffet line insights

3-6-14: In praise of St. Patrick

2-20-14: Making your choice

2-6-14: The scouting glass is half-full or half-empty

1-23-14: The challenges of growing old

1-9-14: Life is a roller-coaster, isn't it?

12-19-13: Humor is healing

12-5-13: Trust in God for strength, guidance

10-17-13: Where are the other nine?

10-3-13: A powerful feeling

7-25-13: Embracing the suffering of Christ

7-11-13: Reminiscing on time in Scranton

5-30-13: Remembering our veterans

5-2-13: Medical advances via space exploration

4-4-13: Pocket dialing, calling experiences

3-7-13: Spend more time in prayer this Lent

2-7-13: It's all in the genes...

1-10-13: Remember to lean on God

11-29-12: Never forgotten to eat

11-1-12: A hole torn in the universe

10-4-12: Fighting the temptation to run

9-6-12: Trust in the Lord, find new strength

8-9-12: Transformation through the Gospel

7-12-12: Praying for protection of conscience rights

6-14-12: Memories of people, events in parish

5-17-12: Celebrating with family and friends

4-19-12: Jesus waiting to find us, be found

3-22-12: Vicious, mean snakes

2-23-12: Helping others through own suffering

1-26-12: A moment of profound meaning

12-22-11: The Little Drummer Boy

11-24-11: Learning a new way to drive

10-27-11: Renewing your Catholic center

9-29-11: Following what God wants you to do

9-1-11: Persistence pays off: Called to be a sign of stability and unity

6-9-11: Spirituality in Friday fish dinners

5-12-11: Easter Religion Editor

4-14-11: Things aren’t always what they seem

3-17-11: MISTAKES: The Lord will never abandon you

2-17-11: Assisting those in need, the role of faith

1-20-11: The baptism of the Lord

10-21-10: Disability – Acceptance – Welcome

12-24-09: Adult stem-cell for dialysis patients

12-24-09: Adult stem-cell for dialysis patients

11-26-09: Commending loved ones to God

10-1-09: Why did I do that?

9-3-09: The gifts God has given

8-6-09: The sign of the Trinity

7-9-09: God keeps seeking and finding us

6-11-09: Reflecting at a funeral

5-21-09: Infants can feel pain

5-7-09: Rollercoaster of faith, physical illness

4-30-09: What does the shepherd do for his sheep?

4-16-09: New clothes of salvation

3-5-09: Lives of the forgotten

2-5-09: Pick up your crosses, follow the Lord

1-8-09: Gluttony: It may all be in our genes

12-11-08: Prone to forgetfulness, we must gather at the Eucharist

11-06-08: Remembering that God knows what's best in every situation

10-23-08: Laughing on even the tough days

10-16-08: Sowing seed in good soil

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