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9-4-14: Marriage covenant fulfilled

8-7-14: Love between God and Israel in Songs

7-10-14: God binds his people with a marital covenant

6-12-14: The human body: God’s revelation to the world

5-1-14: In God we find truth, happiness

4-3-14:Tell the story of our faith

3-6-14: Jesus as the new Adam

1-23-14: The treasure of our faith

12-19-13: Love is a totally mutual gift

11-21-13: Song of Songs draws different interpretations

10-17-13: Communicating love

9-19-13: Directing our human freedom toward God

8-22-13: Human body speaks language of truth through faithfulness

8-8-13: Human body united with soul

7-11-13: Called to protect value of self, others

6-27-13: Theology of the Body: Giving of self brings joy and fulfillment

6-13-13: Create by God, for God and each other

5-16-13: Reflections upon JPII's Theology of the Body

4-18-13: Experiencing love, mercy

3-21-13: Avoid indifference about Christ's death

2-21-13: Saying ‘yes’ to the Lord as Pope Benedict XVI did

1-24-13: The glory found in a conversation of mind and heart

1-10-13: Focusing on liturgical calendar, sacred mysteries

12-20-12: Expressing love and joy in heavenly Father

11-29-12: Entering the season of hope

11-15-12: Fulfilled through union with Lord

11-1-12: Experiencing the Lord's infinite mercy through reconciliation

10-18-12: The virtue of fortitude

10-4-12: Living out the cardinal virtue of justice

9-20-12: The church's understanding of angels

9-6-12: New evangelization and how to participate

8-23-12: Decisions between morally good act, morally evil act

8-9-12: Chastity respects our bodies and others

7-26-12: Virtue of temperance

7-12-12: The virtue of hope

6-28-12: Called to proclaim Gospel message of salvation in faith, hope and love

6-14-12: Sign of love and affection

5-31-12: Practicing the Catholic faith

5-17-12: Called to more active participation in faith

5-3-12: Healthy fear, unhealthy fear

4-19-12: Called as Catholics to presevere in faith

4-5-12: Jesus suffered a brutal death on the cross

3-22-12: St. Francis - The miracle worker

3-8-12: Children: An ultimate blessing in marriage

2-23-12: HHS Mandate: Stand up for what is right

2-9-12: The institution of marriage

1-26-12: Proofs of God’s Esixtence

1-12-12: God will always search for us

12-22-11: Roles of women of Old Testament

12-8-11: Mary’s role in salvation history

11-24-11: MARY: Role as Queen Mother

11-10-11: Authentic devotion must have proper foundation

10-27-11: The call of husbands. fathers

10-13-11: God created, formed, fashioned each person

9-29-11:Parents teaching children to pray

9-15-11: NFP- Preserving what God intended

9-1-11: Morally acceptable means to regulating births

8-18-11: Contraceptives: Immoral and unhealthy

6-23-11: The Most Holy Trinity

6-9-11: Responding to the will of God, suffering

5-26-11: Uniting a man and woman

5-12-11: The dignity of priesthood

4-14-11: Anointing of the Sick heals and strengthens trust in the Lord

3-31-11: The sacrament of reconciliation

3-17-11: The sacrament of the Eucharist

3-3-11: The sacrament of confirmation

2-17-11: Sacrament of baptism

2-3-11: Sacraments and what they mean

1-20-11: Pope John Paul II to be beatified May 1

12-2-10: Official Marian apparitions

10-21-10: Sacred Scripture

10-7-10: Did God place angels in charge of anything?

8-12-10: The Assumption of Mary

7-29-10: Practicing mental prayer

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