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Diocese distributes centennial campaign dollars

By JOANNE FOX, Globe editor
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In 2002 the Diocese of Sioux City embarked on a Centennial Campaign for Excellence.

Spearheaded by then Bishop Daniel N. DiNardo, the campaign established endowments in four specific areas of diocesan life - Catholic schools (teacher salaries and benefits), Catholic Charities, multicultural ministries and faith formation (adult and family ministries, youth ministries and religious education).

It was the second diocesan-wide endowment campaign the diocese ever had.  The first one was the “Time to Remember” campaign for our retired priests.

At the time, Bishop DiNardo pointed out the diocese had not had an undertaking of this magnitude in its history; thus, “stretching” the generosity of donors and making a gift of true sacrifice, not one of convenience.

“We are stewards in response to the gift of faith that has been given to us. I appeal to you as stewards to respond as such in the celebration of this campaign,” he stated. “We must not be negligent in providing for the growth of the faith, present and future.”

Monies from that campaign were again disbursed this year.

According to Diane Donnelly, diocesan director of finance, the economic and investment downturn in 2008 put a halt to distributions from the Centennial Campaign for Excellence for two years, before disbursements resumed in 2011.

“In today’s environment, our schools, religious education programs and other Catholic organizations continue to grow in dramatic fashion while outpacing the financial ability to meet needs,” she said. “Parishioners have been supportive in meeting the challenges we face.”

The monies recently distributed amounted to $500,000. That represents investment earnings from the endowed centennial campaign. No money may be taken from the corpus of this fund.

Donnelly noted, including this year, almost $3.4 million has been distributed.

Catholic schools will receive just over $262,000; more than $100,000 is going to Catholic Charities, $75,000 to faith formation and $50,000 to multicultural ministries.

Donnelly pointed out the spending policy called for a determination of disbursements based on the investment balances. The Diocesan Finance Council monitors the investments and approves the annual distribution.

“It was critical for the diocese to conduct a major campaign in 2002 for the benefit of the parishes and their ministries,” said Royce Ranniger, director of operations for the diocese. “We are gratified by the number of households who have rallied to support this campaign and are pleased to disburse these funds to benefit our diocesan entities.”

“As Catholics continue to express their support, these resources will continue to grow over the years through additional gifts and bequests,” he said. “This will enable the diocese to make sure of the stability of our schools, adult and religious education programs, Catholic Charities and multicultural ministries.”

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