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Meet the new diocesan administrators for Spalding, Garrigan

By JOANNE FOX, Globe editor
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In the next few weeks, students, faculty, staff and administrators will begin the 2014-15 school year with a variety of emotions and expectations.

This year, two new administrators will serve Catholic schools of Diocese of Sioux City. They share some insights about themselves and the upcoming school year.

Maureen Berg
Current position/school: Principal at Spalding Catholic School

Hometown: Alton

College you root for during the football season: The Nebraska Huskers because after 11 years in the state, you can't fight the insanity of the fans, so you just join them. When I am with my siblings, I root for Iowa State to keep family peace.

TV show you try not to miss: I don't watch TV much, but will stop everything to watch my beloved Creighton Bluejays in any sport they have televised.

Favorite school lunch meal and why: General Tsao's chicken (yummy and spicy) and the dessert called Pumpkin Delight, because I am a fan of anything made with pumpkin. I think school lunches should have something made with pumpkin at least once a week.

Least favorite school subject and why: Music because I have no talent and I can't remember lyrics.

Item every student needs to be successful: Every student should have the desire to try their best in order to be successful. A specific item? Any book, because reading is the key to learning.

Catholic schools provide: An excellent choice for those who want to freely express their Catholic faith, be academically challenged, and thrive in a safe and compassionate environment.

Goal for school year: To ensure that every single student makes gains both academically and spiritually.

Kristie Hough
Current position/school: Elementary principal and part-time 5th grade teacher with Bishop Garrigan Schools

Hometown: Hospers

College you root for during the football season: Go Hawkeyes!

TV show you try not to miss: Homeland

Favorite school lunch meal and why: Chicken and biscuits. Seton and St. Cecelia Parish are known for their delicious chicken and biscuits.

Least favorite school subject and why: I like all school subjects, but math is my least favorite because it's not one of the subjects I teach. I teach language arts and religion.

Item every student needs to be successful: A positive classroom climate.

Catholic schools provide: Students with an environment in which each can develop skills, knowledge, and values needed for life, based on our Catholic identity and faith in God.

Goal for school year: Base every decision I make on what is best for students and continue to create a community in which all can pray, learn, serve and have fun together.

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