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Radio pledge drive continues to receive funds

By JOANNE FOX, Globe editor
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Channel 88.1 FM’s Spring Pledge Drive, New Evangelization, continues to receive donations towards its $90,000 goal.

“As of May 5, the station has received more $60,000 in pledges and as the days continue, the pledges also continue arriving in the mail,” reported Martha Hawthorne, producer and outside promotions manager. “We mailed out a pre-pledge drive campaign to help increase the overall total and we continue to receive an overwhelming response from donors in the KFHC and KOIA listening areas.”

KFHC initiated its first pledge drive in November of 2010. Since then, the station comes to its listeners asking for support.

“This pledge drive produced more than 20 new donors who contributed for the first time to Channel 88.1 FM and our ongoing campaign to continue broadcasting throughout the Siouxland region,” Hawthorne said.

“Every time a drive is held, we continue to gain new listeners and this is shown by all of the new donors who join our Radio Angel family during the pledge drives.”

Hawthorne attributed the response to both the volunteers and listeners.

“Our on-air guests were gracious enough to donate their time and talents,” she said. “I think that helped spark listeners’ interest and inspired them to pledge.”

For this spring drive, 90 volunteers gave of their time and talent, Hawthorne noted.

“This spring drive required assistance from individuals who helped coordinate other volunteers, answered phones, prayed for the success of the pledge drive in St. Gabriel's Radio Chapel, greeted and helped put the mailings together,” she said. “We had about 60 individuals who shared insights about their organizations with listeners and actively supported the pledge drive.”

Among those on-air guests was the bishop of the Diocese of Sioux City.

“Bishop (Walker) Nickless joined Channel 88.1 FM the morning of April 24,” Hawthorne said. “He did a marvelous job inspiring and motivating the listeners to pledge during his time on the air.”

Wendy Templeton, president of Wendy Templeton Media Group, a full-service production company, served as host for the fund drive.

“Wendy joined us for the first time and we are grateful that she was able and willing to share her talents with Channel 88.1 FM,” Hawthorne said. “She was very personable and raised the bar for Channel 88.1 FM and our goal of evangelizing the diocese. Wendy brought great ideas to the table and we pray that in the future we can continue our partnership with Third Millennium Media and continue to bring in these wonderful hosts for the fall and spring pledge drives.”

Hawthorne acknowledged not everyone might be able to support the radio station financially.

“One of the many ways that supporters can support Channel 88.1 FM is to share the station with their friends and families,” she said. “Often people underestimate the power of recommending or suggesting Catholic radio to others, especially when they, as listeners, have been transformed by listening.”

Hawthorne also pointed to the power of prayer for the radio station’s success.

“We always want to encourage listeners to pray,” she said. “Our prayer warriors are very important. We would love them to dedicate some of their pledge time to the success of Catholic radio, not just in Siouxland but throughout the world. Catholic radio has changed the lives of so many people, but there are so many out there who need to stumble across a Catholic radio station to make a difference in their lives.”

Hawthorne stressed financial support of Catholic radio is not just needed two times a year during the pledge drives, but always.

“Monthly Radio Angels who commit to sending in anywhere from $10 to $100 a month help Channel 88.1 FM develop a budget and help us ensure we are operating within our means,” she said. “A gift of any amount is always welcomed and well-received. We depend upon and appreciate all of the financial, spiritual and active support we receive from our listeners.”

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