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Danbury students create recipes for great moms

By JOANNE FOX, Globe editor
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DANBURY – Good cooks know the strengths of a tasty recipe.

First and second graders at Danbury Catholic School know the ingredients for what makes a Great Mom.
The students combined Earth Day activities with creating Mother’s Day gifts on April 21.

Students began their recipe creations by listing all the qualities that a mother has.

“They worked on this individually and with partners,” explained first/second grade classroom teacher Stacey Brown. “This was not only an activity to get them to think about the good qualities of their mothers, but to practice words we have been learning and writing them down.”

Billi Craig penciled traditional adjectives such as loving and funny, but then added spicy to her list.

“Sometimes, she gets angry,” the first grader whispered. “I think spicy was a good word to describe that.”
Classmate Renee Oberreuter also wrote loving and added the adjectives, smart, happy and sweet.

“My mom takes care of us and gets money for us, so we can get toys,” she clarified of her word choices.
Luther Cameron was one of several students who came up with words based on his mother’s advice.

“She tells me to eat well and I do,” he said. “My favorite food is an egg on toast and I like mangos, too. I almost like it better than candy.”

Then, the first grader paused, and continued, “Well, halfway better than candy.”

Once the ingredients were in place, pupils began the process of crafting the recipe itself. Reagan Seuntjens added a large heart drawing to her recipe, which used an alliteration of smart, silly and sweet in her description.

“Put some cool and some funny in a bowl,” she read. “Spread some smart and some loving. Stir with happy and kind. Put some helpful in the pan and you got my mom!”

Once the recipes were in place, students took turns planting seeds for their Mother’s Day flower project.

“Students will work over the course of the next few weeks to revise and edit their rough draft recipes to accompany their Mother’s Day flower,” explained Brown, who has been at Danbury Catholic for more than 14 years.

Second grader Kaylie Mills passed on agricultural insights while she did her “planting.”

“I’ve done this before,” she informed those within hearing distance. “It helps if you put in two to make sure you’ve got flowers.”

Classmate Margo McMillen got the giggles when her fingers entered the Styrofoam cup filled with soil.

“It’s like playing in the dirt,” she said, grinning ear to ear, while poking holes for the seeds.

Brown admitted the best part of watching these activities was the smiles on her students’ faces.

“Every year, it is my hope that planting seeds for their moms and taking care of them every day gives my students ownership and pride in their Mother’s Day gift, while at the same time, building their self-confidence in their own abilities,” she said.

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