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St. Edmond closed after main break

By JOANNE FOX, Globe editor
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FORT DODGE – St. Edmond Catholic School closed for almost a week following a water main break on March 17.

According to Mary Lynn Biggins, marketing and public information director for the school, the break was discovered around lunch time on St. Patrick’s Day in the school’s kitchen.

“School was dismissed at noon that day because of the water that was coming into the building,” she said, “spreading into the elementary school cafeteria and adjacent corridors.”

Because the water had to be shut off for repairs, school was canceled for the rest of the week to facilitate repairs and adjustments, Biggins explained.

“Since the water began coming into the kitchen, the freezer had to be emptied of its contents and stored in a refrigerated trailer donated to us by Decker Truck Lines,” she said. “We would like to thank Decker Truck Lines for their generosity in getting a trailer here quickly to help save the food stored in the freezer so it was not compromised.”

However, many of the activities could still be held at the school, Biggins clarified.

“We had musical practice that was moved the first day to Corpus Christi center – the first Friday – but proceeded in the school as usual,” she said. “Other activities were rescheduled if they could be.”

Biggins praised the many volunteers who came forth to help while the repairs were being made.

“We would like to especially thank all of those who worked tirelessly in helping to clean up and to quickly help resolve our water main break,” she said. “All of our students, parents and staff were very supportive and helpful during this time.”

St. Edmond President Mary Gibb explained in an email to students and families that consultations with the state Department of Public Education would determine how missed class time would be made up. The third quarter for the school ended on March 21. School resumed on March 24.
“In an effort to maintain our academy integrity, the administrative team feels we need to make up some of the

time we have missed,” she wrote. “In order to do that, we will be holding school in full session on the remaining early dismissal days; March 26, April 2, April 23 and May 7.

Gibb noted there would be no more early outs the remainder of the school year.

“The last day for students will now be May 28, barring no more snow days,” she said. “High school students will have semester tests the last two days of school which right now is slated for May 27 and May 28. Staff will report to work on May 29 and 30; activities to be determined for those days.

Gibb also thanked everyone “for your patience as we work through the logistics of the water main break incident.”


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